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Cosmos Plastics Company was founded in 1987 and is a privately owned company providing distributors and wholesalers with 'Point of Purchase' clear acrylic displays. We specialize in laser cutting services for various industries. Moreover, we have grown to be the major supplier for P\O\P displays, signs, and fixtures.

Cosmos Plastics Company is located minutes away from Chicago's International O'Hare Airport, which is geographically ideal for cost-effective logistics around the nation. We are located in Franklin Park, IL.

Our manufacturing plant and warehouses are on the same premise. With more than 60,000 sq. ft. of space, we are able to facilitate an ongoing replenishment of stock and maintain an inventory, which will not cause any inconvenience to our customers. We are equipped with the most advanced technology by which everything is automated.

At Cosmos Plastics Company, we have the tools and experience to meet our customers' demanding needs, providing a wide variety of custom acrylic displays, jewelry cases, and cost-effective solutions for a large range of industries. We are passionate about achieving complete customer satisfaction, and we have honed every aspect of our operations with the intention of providing rock-steady dependability and the highest-quality products and services.

Our goal is to develop long-standing relationships with our clients. We are so successful at this because of the trust we establish among them as a result of our exceptional ability to meet their needs in a timely and affordable manner.